Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 4: last movie

most of you have probably seen this film.  i'm a sucker for romantic movies and this is one of those movies that i've seen a couple of times.  it's always a perfect choice when spending a day off from work specially this cold christmas season.  serendipity from 2001.  starring john cusack and kate beckinsale.  they met while shopping in new york, felt a mutual attraction and ended up eating ice cream at serendipity 3.  fast forward, time to say goodbye, unsure if they were meant for each other they decided to test fate by splitting up and see if destiny will bring them back together.

do you believe in destiny? 10 years ago my first romantic relationship ended for some immature reasons.  we were both young and overwhelmed by what is going on with our lives.  i was just starting to enjoy the real world and afraid that being emotionally attached to a guy is crazy and he, on the other side was afraid that things will get so serious.  we know we're both not ready.  first broken heart. deym! we managed to be friends at kita minsan sa mga parties ng common friends. at some point, i believe he wanted us to try again pero nag inarte ako.  feeling so invincible na ok lang ako or afraid mahurt ulet, i walked away and moved on or sya? pareho siguro. hehe pero ako daw nauna. weh?! lagi naman may communication. kamustahan minsan.  2008, nagkita kami sa CDH. i was with my ate and kids. serendipity! tulala ako.  some call it fate and somehow we've been given a second chance and as difficult as the circumstances are, i will never walk away from him again.  cause i know, it's always been him.  looking back, we both agree that we had to experience all those in betweens so we would be stronger this time. sweet!

When it's clear this time you've found the one, you'll never let him go

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