Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10: differences between you & your bestfriend

i would have to skip this because first of all i have two bestfriends in mind and could not decide which of them to write about. also, i don't want to site our differences for it would mean comparing myself to them and i don't like that.  growing up i was always being compared to my mga kababata where in more often than not, i was the weakling and the lame one.  not that i believed what they said i just thought it's unfair di ba?  buti na lang hindi uso sa family namin ang ganung comparison lalo na between sisters. kung nagkataon talo na naman ako. ahahaha but then sabi nga ng ate ko buti na lang naging constructive naman daw sa akin ang pagiging loser ko noon sa mga kababata ko. imbes na maging insecure ako naging confident ako, really? ahaha ulet.  that's another reason. ayokong maging bias at ako naman manalo sa comparison, unfair din sa kanila.  pero syempre we all do or have done it at some point in our lives and when we compare, we judge right? which make it ugly and unhealthy.

our differences do matter but our love, respect and care for each matter more.

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