Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 25: i follow them

(Recommend a few bloggers and write why you recommend them)

I have stumbled upon a lot of great blogs which some I've been following and some I've kept in my bookmark.

Snaps & Blabs is always 1st on my list for reliable travel tips with amazing photos.
An Apple a Day for it's drool worthy flower arrangements.
Daphe is so informative and versatile blogger.  She writes about product review, fashion, latest technology, parenting, good housekeeping, architecture and a lot more.  I like how she shares family and personal matters with caution.

Basically I'm recommending all those bloggers in my blog list specially the ones with constant updates.

I'm keeping this post short. You know it's Christmas.

Though I/we didn't do anything special, still I'm the happiest! Merry Christmas! :D

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