Tuesday, December 17, 2013

day 2 simbang gabi: purple lips

whooooa after a long while, i'm back! back to... well, wasting internet space.  i've been thinking a lot lately.  this could be another turning point in my life and i'm feeling positive about it!  i mean, this is it pansit! eto yung right time.  things have been crazy these past few months but i wanna use it to my advantage.  i don't entertain negative thoughts.  and it's such a relief to be free from negative people.  sooo thankful to be supported by people who really matter to me.  God has blessed me with the best family and friends in the whole world!

that's it for now.  i can't go through all the details yet but i promise to post more about my new hmmm adventure that i've been planning during the holy mass. antok na.

next time ko na ipost yung vacation ko sa pinas (yes, natuloy yun!), story ni canada boy at yung short visit sa abu dhabi.