Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 things about me

hehehe nakikiuso rin ako sa 25 random things...

1. i've been using the same brands of shampoo and conditioner since high school. they are a perfect pair for me, rejoice and creamsilk!

2. i never really wanted to work abroad, until now... it's a whole new experience!

3. i like friendster more than facebook... mainly bcoz most of my friends are using friendster plus it's very easy to navigate. (now it's the other way around)

4. i'm so good at making lies. i sometimes can't believe how i get away with it. liar, liar!

5. i have a poor eyesight that i needed to wear eyeglasses since college. i got tired of it so i'm wearing contact lenses instead.

6. people often say i'm "mahinhin" (i hate it!) when i'm actually "lasenga, maingay at magaslaw"

7. as far as i can remember, i have attended christmas day and new year's day mass every year for the past -- years of my life... either alone or with my family

8. i started gaining weight after enrolling in a gym (as in weights lifting! dumbbells, machines and all)at the age of 22 and had to stop bcoz the annual PE shows i have scoliosis...

9. watching films alone inside my room is what i call my sweet escape. it's like im in a different world. sometimes i feel like i'm in those movies.

10. i'm not a gadget freak. i've only bought a mobile phone twice and i've been using the last one for years now hehehe but i think i need to buy a new one

11. i want "the last time" by eric benet and "could not ask for more" by edwin mccain to be my wedding songs... hahaha

12. unlike most Filipinas, i don't like Piolo P.

13. i truly believe that one doesn't need to wait for new year to change bad habits, forgive or do something good for the sake of new year's resolution

14. oh how i love seing the excitement in hamham's (my nephew) eyes whenever i bring home cotton candies for him.

15. i'm a great believer of "never too late" that's why i'm writing my 25 random list even though this thing's been around the internet quite a while.

16. i don't have a hello kitty or barbie collection

17. i love the beach but i don't know how to swim

18. a chinese friend, lily, gave me a chinese name Lee Yang. i forgot the meaning but surely it's nice!

19. strangely, i didn't see any LOTR movie, i don't know why...

20. as a child, i never experienced bathing in the rain with my playmates because i have a weak lungs.

21. i HATE my sister-in-law! i'm still finding in my heart to forgive her but i think it'd be better if i could just forget her. yeah i'm the bitchy here!

22. i enjoy reading other people's blog. it's not just knowing them more but also learning from their stories. get some inspirations.


i'm looking forward to starting my life with michael next year! i'm sooooooooooo excited about it!

24. ~ 25. nothing interesting...