Tuesday, January 14, 2014


while everyone in the Philippines is gushing over the moon last night... lunar rainbow daw,

to you who i haven't met, relax ka lang muna tinatawag ako ng tropa para kumain ng pansit. bye. see you soon. :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

remember sunday

i’ve spent a lot of time waiting for things in my life and maybe i even blame a few people for my problems and forgot that i was the one in charge but that’s all done and i’m ready to take control of things in my life.... - molly

just in time naman ang panonood ko ng movie na ito (remember sunday) sa naiisip kong isulat.  nainspire ako ng very light kay molly, alexis bledel.  i'm tired of waiting.  i need changes.  tulad ng paulit ulit ko sinasabi i don't have new year's resolution.  i believe that one shouldn't need to wait for new year to change something in their life.  do it when you feel like it and be very committed to it. the thing with new years resolutions, nagagawa lang sila hanggat bago pa ang taon... like january or february at the most... that's why i prefer goal setting so i have the whole year to plan and do my goals for the year... hehe

here's my list of things i wanna achieve for this year. in no particular order.

1.  get a tattoo. done. check!
2.  open a new savings account and REALLY save every month
3.  get a new job
4.  pay debts and loans
5.  get into sport or physical activities, lose about 15 pounds and maintain a 54kg weight
6.  learn a new application, 3D max
7.  buy dslr
8.  travel on holidays
9.  blog at least weekly
10.  start the house improvement project

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

daring 2014

2013 has been a great year for me.  more than material things, i've been blessed with the best people in the world.  i was able to spend some time with my family back home which i really enjoyed.  i've gained a few more friends.  i am thankful to our Lord for all of them, my family, real friends and even those who have hurt me.  through them i've learned more about life.  2013 has been tough too but not bad, not at all.  trials are part of this journey. true enough they could either break you or make you stronger.  they have tested my patience, courage and faith... and once again, proven that things could only get better, i could be better!  God is always on my side.

2014 bring it on!