Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 11: write about your loved one

my crush at first sight. crush lang kasi di ako naniniwala sa love at first sight. physical attraction tawag dun. tall. handsome. athletic. motivated and passionate about basketball. i admire his passion sa basketball kaya yun ang no.1 karibal ko.  nakakapagselos minsan pero still supported ko sya dun dahil i know basketball makes him happy.  my first love. family oriented. hardworking.  sweet and doesn't know that he is. loving. my first kiss. gentle. caring. intelligent. my first broken heart. friendly. flirt ahaha. masungit. annoyed by my childishness. mahilig ako isurprise. makes me crazy. the one i need. my only exception!

it's obvious.  i have difficulties in writing about people.  probably still connected to the idea of judging them instead of just describing. :)  and it's obvious i love him.

p.s. baka di nya magustuhan na dinamay ko pa sya sa kalokohan ko dito. sana di nya mabasa. hahaha

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