Thursday, October 1, 2009

all is vanity

can't think of anything to write about.
just know i have to post something, anything!
what's with the title? i don't know...
must post new pictures.. but can't figure out which one to choose.
i have tons of pictures in my HD. can't post them all.
here's a collection of what have happened during the last few weeks:

sept. 11 at the landmark. with good pal glo and another roommate. we shopped for makeups. i was recently obsessing with makeup.

sept. 18 at villa 89. chillin' with the girls (sugar, glo and pia). i like this coz i was able to hide my big belly and enjoyed ice cream.

sept. 18 at coffee beanery. with sugar, glo, ate fay and my sister. the only night out i'm able to do here in doha.

sept. 20 at al khor. with cousin kiks and my sister. the 1st picture was taken 8 months ago. funny, the same smiles!

sept. 24 at carrefour with pia. some grocery shopping for the next day's farewell party of her fiance. notice my hair? i had it cut that same day?

sept. 25 at villa 89. farewell party. the guys set up projector to show all the pictures we had in the past few months. bcoz we (glo and i) have a looooot of pictures together, malaking oso gave us new names... barnum & bailey. world's famous circus owners. wtf do we look like clowns? i guess it's better than to be named after some retards... hehehe

sept. 27-29 poker chips. winner! we all had fun! we'll miss the poker nights and the poker buddies. goodbye.