Monday, June 22, 2009

mother surot (bedbugs)!

i could not believe what i've learned about last night. what you have said about me leaving for good and you want someone else as my replacement is soooo not cool. why did you have to say something bad like that? wicked! it's not just being tackless. not even a sad joke. totally insensitive! i cried to sleep last night. my real friends would be surprised to know that. a biatch like me would cry over you? yes, i did cry. however bad i was or i am, i have feelings too just like everybody else. no matter how patient i've tried to be, i also have flashpoint where i'd ignite and fire up. but then again, you are way older than me. so out of respect, i'll let it go and try to understand you. they said you treat me like your daughter. well, i'm not looking for a mother. i got one and she's the best! you're lonely coz your life sucks?

trivia: bedbug - attacks at night and leaves an intense itching. how disgusting, so sickening and really pestering...

image by: mr.biscuits

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