Thursday, June 11, 2009

grow up

i nearly cried this morning. have i done something wrong? again?! i'm not a perfect person. i have shortcomings and still adjusting myself being away from home. i used to be so dependent especially when it comes to household chores. back home, i don't cook, do laundry or wash dishes. instead, i go out with friends for coffee or booze. i know how to have fun. affected? why do you always have to take everything against me? it doesn't matter now if i was wrong. the question is... in your eyes, will i ever do something right? i will let you get away from your last night's tantrum. i will ignore all your criticisms. i won't even try pleasing you. what good it would make? we're such a nuisance to each other. so be it!

please leave me alone and we'll both live in peace... hehe :P

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