Monday, February 4, 2013

Bahala Kayo

Maybe some people know what I've been going through but I don't think they really understand.  The person who puts me into this predicament has no idea or probably just doesn't care.  I always seem to be happy, carefree, positive, patient, bitch and fierce. That's the personality I was able to create for me to hide my weakness and made myself also believed that I am.  Tough!  But I am not all that.  I am vulnerable too.  I'm not gonna deny that what happened or has been happening is breaking me into million pieces and it will probably take time to pick my self up again.  I'm trying my best.  I sometimes wish I could just escape from all of these or just snap out of what seem to be a nightmare. But this is reality happening right in front of me.  There's no escaping reality.  I'm dealing with it.  I'm falling apart but staying strong.  It might be ridiculous to even hope but if hoping is what will keep me going then yes people, I'm  hoping.

Pero kung ano yung hinohope ko, hindi ko sasabihin sa inyo.