Sunday, May 8, 2011

emotional binging

i'm aware that i'm still on a diet and need to lose some weight. but i just can't help it. eating makes me happy specially when my spirit is down in the dumps like right now. it's not a very good day for me as far as work is concerned. good thing i found out that a very inspiring blogger, nortehanon, commented on my post roller coaster. i'm chosing to end my day with a smile. :)


  1. Ok lang yan neng pagkaminsan. AKo rin ginagawa ko yan.

    Sabi nila, kung ano ang magiging emosyon natin sa bawat araw is a matter of choice, pero neng minsan hirap paganahin ng utak pag medyo iba ang pakiramdam.

    Nortehanon's blog is great. Oks na ang mga photos samahan pa ng mga inspiring post.

  2. late nman ako magbasa nitong mga comments. :D