Saturday, November 6, 2010

over the weekend

what made my weekend happy 1. my H&M canvas shoes which B turned into an artsy hand painted beauty-love it! (will post a photo of it soon.) 2. vodka with B & housemates on thursday night. kuya fernan's childhood stories made us all laugh so hard. B & kuya fernan are the new tandem for bullying kuya cocoy & ate joy. 3. morning talks with B and sugar 4. thursday & friday market on friday morning. we bought crabs & chicken which kuya fernan & cocoy cooked for lunch. 5. sweet melon! always looking forward to it every friday. :) 6. assorted fruit snacks- green apples, grapes, melons & oranges. 7. sitting in the living room, having conversation & kulitan with B for hours till we realized t'was past dinner time. 8. eating hot soup with B at the roof top. enjoying the cooler breeze. have a nice weekend everyone!

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