Wednesday, October 22, 2008

there's more to life

some people say life is simple. live. love. learn. living is complicated. loving is even more complicated. learning is a never ending process.

On living...
waking up early for work. bad hair day. traffic jam. devious bitches. devil boss. deadlines. paying bills. career. violence. events.

On loving...
loving oneself, family and friends. falling in love. relationship dramas. sacrifices. pointless arguements. breaking up. second chance. leaving. letting go. moving on.

On learning...
choices. consequences. stumbling down and getting up... failure and triumph. ironies. silver linings.

these are just few things we have to deal with to live. the list could go on and on which only proves that life is never easy. unfiar. life is complicated as it is. so i say let's not make it even more complicated. with all the complexities of life... don't forget to laugh!

say a prayer, thank God we are in fact alive!

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